The Inventor’s Patent Academy is a completely free e-learning course designed to help everyone understand patenting, intellectual property, and how to apply for patents. It was created to help inventors from diverse backgrounds overcome the hurdles they could face along their journey.

This course is presented by Invent Together, an alliance of universities, nonprofits, companies, and other stakeholders dedicated to understanding the diversity gaps in invention and patenting and supporting public policy and private efforts to close them. The course is listed as a learning resource by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and created in collaboration with Qualcomm, a global innovation leader with over 140,000 patents and applications.

The Creators

Bernard Greenspan, Ph.D.

IP Law Instructor at UCSD, USD, and Bellevue College

Dr. Greenspan, scientist, inventor & registered patent agent, has been teaching IP Law and Patent Searching in the IP certificate program at UCSD Extension for more than 15 years. He also teaches IP Law at USD’s paralegal studies program and Patent Law in the Molecular Biosciences program at Bellevue College in Washington State.

Erin Kelley, MA, MBA

Founder, Hexalign

Ms. Kelley is the founder of Hexalign, a consulting firm at the intersection of equity, diversity, and inclusion and STEM commercialization. Her expertise is in strategy, program development, instructional design, bias mitigation, and process analysis and improvement. Kelley previously worked at IBM as a Senior Change and Learning Consultant and at the National Women’s Business Council as Director of Research and Policy.

Sudeepto Roy

VP of Engineering, Qualcomm Incorporated

Mr. Roy has been with Qualcomm for over two decades in various pioneering and strategic roles across engineering, product management and customer/startup engagement, spanning infrastructure, IoT, and 2G through 5G devices from worldwide manufacturers.

Aiko Bethea

Founder of RARE Coaching & Consulting

Ms. Bethea is the Founder of RARE Coaching & Consulting, which guides leaders and organizations to remove barriers to inclusion. She has been recognized by Forbes as one of the top seven anti-racism educators for companies and by CultureAmp as a DEI influencer to follow. She is a Senior Director of the Daring Way™ and Dare to Lead™ facilitator communities of the Brené Brown Education and Research Group.

The Inventors

This course was created with the help and insight of real inventors, patent holders, and entrepreneurs. Here are some of the inventors that share their real-world experience in the course.

Maria Artunduaga

CEO of Samay

Physician-scientist turned inventor. Holds patents on wearable medical device that helps track pulmonary conditions.

Tricia Compas-Markman

Co-Inventor of the DayOne Waterbag

Ran company for 10 years; currently at Venturewell supporting student entrepreneurs. Additionally, she holds a patent on water purification.

TJ Falhoun

Cofounder at Ai-Ris

Currently pursuing his first patent to combat diabetic retinopathy. VentureWell’s support was key to patent affordability.

Katherine Jin

Cofounder and CTO of Kinnos

Started patenting after designing disinfectants to help combat Ebola. Holds patents in cleaning products that can visually signal when a surface is disinfected.

Reamonn Soto

CEO of Sensatek

Marine veteran, inventor, business incubator. Holds patents on pressure sensors and wireless monitoring of engines.

Tiffany Norwood

Founder of Tribetan and Co-Founder of SimWin Sports

2022 Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year and has been a pioneer in multiple industries from digital broadcasting, broadband internet, digital music, ed-tech, eSports, and more.