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This completely free e-learning course will help you understand the patenting process and prepare you to apply for a patent of your own.

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Why Patents?

A patent can change your life, an entire industry—the whole world. Patenting is the best way to protect your inventions and is a crucial part of creating a better ecosystem of innovation that includes underrepresented and diverse populations.

What to Expect

This free course is divided into three 2-3 hour learning modules and is presented in short, digestible lessons that can be completed at your own pace. The course will teach you how to patent your own inventions and prepare you for potential challenges on your patent journey, particularly the systemic barriers that affect historically underrepresented inventors.

Expertly Made

Invent Together and Qualcomm created TIPA to give you the tools and knowledge you need to patent your inventions and give insight into the patent system. It features real inventors and was made by patent holders, patent practitioners and DEI experts like Bernard Greenspan & Erin Kelley. TIPA is linked on the USPTO website as a resource for patent education.

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